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This paper presents experimental results of a Genetic Algorithm (GA) application for design of industrial actuators used for vibration control of tall flexible structures. Results are compared with experimental results published previously, showing the effectiveness of this design method. The method for modeling flexible structures with distributed(More)
A lumped modeling method and a therein based simple robust control design are proposed in this paper for controlling the multiple vibration modes of a bridge tower structure under construction. The method is specified by a physical state-space suboptimal controller, designed upon a lumped model, combined with the socalled "structure filters" and the(More)
This paper presents a design procedure of H-infinity robust controller of a threedimensional two links flexible robot arm taking account of posture change and uncertain payload. Two-degree-of freedom model is identified experimentally by utilizing Seto’s modeling method. An H-infinity controller is obtained by using a generalized plant including error(More)