Kazuto Sasai

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A heterarchy is a dynamical hierarchical system inheriting logical inconsistencies between levels. Because of these inconsistencies, it is very difficult to formalize a heterarchy as a dynamical system. Here, the essence of a heterarchy is proposed as a pair of the property of self-reference and the property of a frame problem interacting with each other.(More)
Heterarchical structure is important for understanding robustness and evolvability in a wide variety of levels of biological systems. Although many studies emphasize the heterarchical nature of biological systems, only a few computational representations of heterarchy have been created thus far. We propose here the time-state-scale re-entrant form to(More)
To reduce the loads imposed on network administrators, we have proposed AIR-NMS, which is a network management support system (NMS) based on Active Information Resource (AIR). In AIR-NMS, various information resources (e.g., state information of a network, practical knowledge of network management) are combined with software agents which have the knowledge(More)
The model of self-organized criticality (SOC) is a useful tool to understand the complexity of natural systems in the form of the artificial life and the artificial market. However, SOC remains the question what guarantees the criticality even though the natural systems seem to keep itself in the critical state. In this paper, we focus on the locality of(More)
Electricity consumption in the world is constantly increasing, making our lives become more and more dependent on electricity. There are several new paradigms proposed in the field of power grids. In Japan, especially after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, the new power grid paradigms are expected to be more resilient to survive several(More)
An expert network administrator is not always stationed as disasters happen. In that case, it is desirable that a novice administrator is capable of taking part in network recovery operations as well. In this paper, an agent-based network management system in emergency situations is presented. We use the Active Information Resource based Network Management(More)