Kazuto Nakanishi

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Identifying of word difficulty is useful to teachers and language learners. However, since the word difficulty has not been evaluated in all dictionary entry words, to estimate the word difficulty of documents and presentations from the aspects of language use is difficult. As fundamental research, we are attempting to evaluate the word difficulty from(More)
Parallel multi-dimensional indexing system was proposed for big data analysis. The insertion and the retrieval performances were evaluated through randomly distributed data with three distribution schemes: area expansion, overlap, and proximity. This paper evaluates insertion and retrieval performances of this system through skewed data with the round robin(More)
This paper proposes the methods for improving performance of multi-dimensional index system. In the previous system, data are inserted into a reception-node, and are stored in a reception-index. When a reception-index stores a certain number of data, the reception-index is moved to a normal-node, and becomes a partial-index. At this time, insertion is(More)
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