Kazuto Kamiyama

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We propose a tactile sensor based on computer vision that measures a dense traction field, or a distribution of 3D force vectors over a 2D surface, which humans also effectively sense through a dense array of mechanoreceptors in the skin. The proposed "GelForce" tactile sensor has an elegant and organic design and can compute large and structurally rich(More)
—It is believed that the use of haptic sensors to measure the magnitude, direction, and distribution of a force will enable a robotic hand to perform dexterous operations. Therefore, we develop a new type of finger-shaped haptic sensor using GelForce technology. GelForce is a vision-based sensor that can be used to measure the distribution of force vectors,(More)
— Humans can perceive not only the magnitude but also the direction of force applied on the fingertip. When we grasp an object, the weight of it is felt through force that is parallel to the skin of the fingertip, which is how the object can be grasped without slipping. Focusing on this point, we have developed a tactile sensor that can measure a(More)