Kazutaka Takaki

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Gamma delta T cell receptor-positive cells (gamma delta T cells) have recently been implicated to play a role in the protection against infectious pathogens. Serial studies on gamma delta T cells in 14 patients with salmonella infection have revealed that the proportions of gamma delta T cells (mean +/- SD: 17.9 +/- 13.2%) in salmonella infection were(More)
The histogenesis of Ewing's sarcoma (EW) and extraskeletal Ewing's sarcoma (EEW) is still disputable. Their relationship to the so-called Askin's tumor, neuroectodermal tumor of bone, and peripheral neuroblastoma remains to be established. In an attempt to clarify these points, immunocytochemical and ultrastructural studies were done on tissues from 14(More)
We reported a rare case of Plasmodium vivax malaria who showed findings of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). A 50-year-old Japanese male was sent to our hospital with the diagnosis of Plasmodium vivax malaria on the 26th of April, 1990. He had stayed in the Solomon Islands from Oct. 1987 to Dec. 1989, and had febrile episodes during his stay in(More)
A 48-year-old woman with a history of anorexia nervosa was admitted to our hospital because of malaise, anorexia and edema in the face and legs. She was diagnosed with gelatinous bone marrow and iron deficiency anemia due to severe malnutrition. She was intravenously treated by saccharated ferric oxide and her anemia was improved, but her bone marrow still(More)
Since it is very rare that cardiac tamponade due to myocardial rupture caused by infective endocarditis, occurs we are reporting this case. A 62 year old man, who had underlying diseases of pneumoconiosis and hypertensive heart disease, visited Chikuho Rosai Hospital complaining of chest oppression and general fatigue on Feb. 7, 1987. He was diagnosed as(More)
In recent years, carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii infections have been responsible for outbreaks in medical facilities. A 35-year-old Japanese woman developed a skin and soft tissue infection due to carbapenem-resistant A. baumannii. The isolate was resistant to antibiotics other than ampicillin-sulbactam and colistin, suggesting drug resistance(More)
A 56-year-old female was admitted on November 1995 to our hospital because of the abnormal shadow on her chest X-ray. Although the chest X ray film revealed diffuse reticulonodular shadows in the bilateral lung fields and right hilar lymphadenopathy, she had not any complaints. Furthermore, mediastinal lymphadenopathy and polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia(More)
Inorder to gain a foothold in clarifying the functional significance of fatstoring cells, an enzyme histochemical study on these cells was carried out. Fat-storing cells showed no alkaline phosphatase, acid phosphatase or esterase activity but demonstrated a marked gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase activity suggesting the possibility of its participation in the(More)