Kazushige Sato

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The massively parallel hybridization technologies by DNA chips and microarrays make it possible to monitor expression patterns of the whole set of genes in a genome under various conditions. The vast amount of data generated by such technologies necessitates the development of a new database management system that integrates expression data with other(More)
We consider the geometric routing problem on mobile ad-hoc wireless networks such that we can send packets by only using local information at each node. We design a novel routing algorithm named directional routing algorithm by using random local neighbors such that the information can be efficiently maintained if each node dynamically changes its position.(More)
KEGG provides the linkage between the catalog of molecular components and the network of molecular interactions in living cells and organisms. While the latter has been organized as the PATHWAY database in KEGG, we have relied on the existing databases for the former except the LIGAND database of chemical compounds. Because genes and gene products are the(More)
Java has a potential of transforming the World Wide Web (WWW) from a static information resource t o b e r etrieved t o a m o r e dynamic resource t o b e c omputed. We are developing a suite of Java applets for KEGG which is a deductive database in the sense that additional information is logically deduced f r om the stored information. Dierent types of(More)
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