Kazuro Hirahara

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Report of our result: The Japan Islands is located in a subduction zone, where four plates, such as the Pacific, the Philippine Sea, the North America and the Amur plates, are converging. From the east, the Pacific plate is subducting beneath northeast Japan along We construct regional 3-D heterogeneous viscoelastic FEM models in northeast and southwest(More)
Solid earth simulations have recently been developed to address issues such as natural disasters, global environmental destruction and the conservation of natural resources. The simulation of solid earth phenomena involves the analysis of complex structures including strata, faults, and heterogeneous material properties. Simulation of the generation and(More)
To improve the accuracy of inverse analysis of earthquake fault slip distribution, we performed several hundred analyses using a 108-degree-of-freedom finite element (FE) model of the crustal structure in an efficient way based on capacity computing. we developed a meshing method and an efficient computational method for these large FE models, which methods(More)
Recent simulation studies based on the friction law derived from laboratory experiments have successfully modeled seismic cycles of great inter-plate earthquakes in a half-space homogeneous elastic medium. However, the lateral heterogeneities in the medium and the viscoelastic properties under gravitation, which would seriously affect the simulation of(More)
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