Kazuro Hirahara

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Two source codes of earthquake generation module in GeoFEM have been installed into Earth Simulator and the following tuning has been done. One is to simulate quasi-static earthquake cycle and the other is to simulate dynamic rupture propagation. The dynamic rupture propagation analysis code starts the computation after the stress accumulation in the(More)
Solid earth simulations have recently been developed to address issues such as natural disasters, global environmental destruction and the conservation of natural resources. The simulation of solid earth phenomena involves the analysis of complex structures including strata, faults, and heterogeneous material properties. Simulation of the generation and(More)
Recent simulation studies based on the friction law derived from laboratory experiments have successfully modeled seismic cycles of great inter-plate earthquakes in a half-space homogeneous elastic medium. However, the lateral heterogeneities in the medium and the viscoelastic properties under gravitation, which would seriously affect the simulation of(More)
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