Kazuo Yamafuji

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— A unicycle is an inherent unstable system in three dimensions. As shown by a human riding a unicycle, rider's complicated successive dynamic control actions are needed for the postural stability control of unicycle, and the rider's actions for stability are quite nonlinear and jerky. By emulating the performance of a human-riding-unicycle, we can do tests(More)
The posture stability and driving control of a human-riding-type unicycle have been realized. The robot unicycle is considered as a biomechanical system using an internal world representation with a description of emotion, instinct and intuition mechanisms. We introduced intelligent control methods based on soft computing and confirmed that such an(More)
The electric membrane potential as functions of position and time of Characean internode has been studied using a modified water-film electrode technique. Between the low-conductance hyperpolarized region (called the H-region or acidic region) and the high-conductance depolarized region (D-region), there is a difference in the direction of responses to(More)