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Several robotic surgical systems have been developed for MIS (minimally invasive surgery) including commercialized products such as da Vinci and ZEUS. We have developed a minimally invasive surgical system, which have carried out remote surgery experiments for five times at the writing time. In this paper, a remote surgery experiment, which was conducted(More)
Remote surgery is one of the most desired applications in the context of recent advanced medical technologies. For a future expansion of remote surgery, it is important to use conventional network infrastructures such as Internet. However, using such conventional network infrastructures, we are confronting time-delay problems of data transmission. In this(More)
Recently, a robotics system was developed to assist in Single Port Endoscopic Surgery (SPS). However, the existing system required a manual operation of vision and viewpoint, hindering the surgical task. We proposed a surgical endoscopic robot for SPS with dynamic vision control, the endoscopic view being manipulated by a master controller. The prototype(More)
Performing laparoscopic surgery requires several skills which have never been required for conventional open surgery, surgeons experience difficulties in learning and mastering these techniques. Various training methods and metrics have been developed in order to assess and improve surgeon's operative abilities. While these training metrics are currently(More)
An interventional navigation system designed for percutaneous abdominal therapies was proposed, and a pilot study was carried out to assess the proposed system. Integration of US to MRI-based segmentation and 3D display of tumours can help physicians deal with instabilities such as respiratory motion and soft tissue shift that are inherent in abdominal(More)