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The study subjects included 54 patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy who underwent a selective laminoplasty. The patients were divided into three groups according to the number of decompressed levels: two levels, three levels and four or five levels. The number of cord compressions at every intervertebral level was determined in the flexion,(More)
In peripheral nerve allografts, use of an immunosuppressive agent is one of the ways of reducing nerve rejection. FK506 is a newly discovered substance, extracted from Streptomyces tsukubaensis, and has strong immunosuppressive effects. In the present study, immunosuppressive effects of FK 506 were examined using allografts of rat sciatic nerves. Good nerve(More)
We report on the surgical results of spinal accessory nerve injuries between 1992-2003. We operated on 10 patients (9 female, and 1 male) who had injuries of the spinal accessory nerve. All injuries were iatrogenic. The mean age of patients was 39.2 years (range, 20-57 years). The average interval between date of injury and surgery was 7 months (range, 4-12(More)
We have developed a new silicon irradiation holder with a neutron filter to increase the irradiation efficiency. The neutron filter is made of an alloy of aluminum and B4C particles. We fabricated a new holder based on the results of design analyses. This filter has limited use in applications requiring prolonged use due to a decrease in the amount of (10)B(More)
The Sauvé-Kapandji (S-K) procedure is a common treatment for rheumatoid wrists, but in some cases severe bone destruction makes this operative modality difficult to perform, while also resulting in a poor outcome. A modified S-K procedure for these wrists has been reported, but the clinical outcomes of the modified procedure are unclear. This study(More)
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