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We analyzed the effects of glycyrrhetinic acid (GA), a licorice compound, on the induction of anoikis-like death and cytoskeletal disruption in the central nervous system (CNS) tumorigenic cells. GA was cytotoxic in time- and dose-dependent manners, and the tumorigenic cells shed floating cells upon the GA treatment and even some of the adherent cells were(More)
Denudatin A and B, denudadione B, fargesone A and machilin G were isolated from Magnolia denudata. These compounds showed inhibitory effects on nitric oxide (NO) production in the lipopolysaccharide plus interferon-gamma activated-murine macrophage cell line, J774.1. Some but not all of the inhibition of NO production by machilin G, and denudatin A and B(More)
Mouse (m) 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 (11βHSD2) was homology-modeled, and its structure and ligand-receptor interaction were analyzed. The modeled m11βHSD2 showed significant 3D similarities to the human (h) 11βHSD1 and 2 structures. The contact energy profiles of the m11βHSD2 model were in good agreement with those of the h11βHSD1 and 2(More)
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