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Cerebellar disorders characterized by degeneration or loss of Purkinje cells have been reported in many In the dog, they have occurred in Airedales,' Gordon setters,*z4 rough coated collies,6 border collie^,^ beagle^,^ Sam~yeds,~ and Irish setters.'O An 18-month-old female and a 9-month-old male were mated in our beagle colony. The female was purchased from(More)
A male ferret, which was purchased from abroad at 9 months of age, had shown significant weight loss starting at 13 months of age. The ferret subsequently showed decreasing motor activity and recumbency and was euthanized at 14 months of age. At necropsy, a white, quail egg-sized mass was found in the mesentery. Histopathologically, multifocal granulomas(More)
A female congenic rat produced by repeated backcrossing of Nihon rats, a model for hereditary renal cell carcinoma, to Brown Norway rats was necropsied at 24 months of age. At necropsy, a white mass about 1 centimeter in size was observed in the thoracic cavity, and the mass partly adhered to the esophagus and the diaphragm. Histologically, the mass was(More)
Nodular thyroid hyperplasia was found in a 4-year-old male cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis). The monkey was clinically normal; however, necropsy revealed multiple variably sized nodules in both lobes of the thyroid gland. In contrast to the fairly uniform diameter of the lumen of follicles in the surrounding gland, the diameter of the follicular(More)
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