Kazuo Mukuno

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PURPOSE To elucidate the relationship between ocular dominance and patient satisfaction with monovision induced by intraocular lens implantation. SETTING Eye Clinic, Kitasato University School of Medicine Hospital, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan. METHODS The durations of exclusive visibility of dominant- and nondominant-eye targets were measured in 16(More)
Cases of complete bilateral homonymous hemianopsia with sparing of central vision that are caused by bilateral tentorial herniation are extremely rare. We describe one such case resulting from severe head trauma, the first to be reported in which magnetic resonance images showed clear evidence of the responsible lesion. The causes of bilateral homonymous(More)
Two clinical cases in which ischemic optic neuropathy (ION) occurred after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) are reported. Hemorrhage in the proximity of the optic chiasm was confirmed in 2 cases following rupture of an anterior communicating artery aneurysm. Optic disk atrophy with excavation and permanent visual field defect (altitudinal superior hemianopia)(More)
Three types of blink reflex were evoked by 1) supraorbital nerve stimulation, 2) light flash stimulation and 3) corneal touch. The blink reflex response was recorded simultaneously for both eyes by electromyography of the orbicularis oculi muscles of the lower eyelid. After supraorbital nerve stimulation, ipsilateral early response (R1) and bilateral late(More)
The ultrastructure of the iris muscles and innervating nerves in patients with diabetes mellitus and approximately age-matched controls was examined by electron-microscopy. The specimens were obtained during cataract surgery. There were definite histopathological alterations at the nerve terminal innervating the dilator muscle, e.g. the presence of(More)
Thirty cases of Minamata disease caused by methyl mercury poisoning with the lesion mainly at the occipital cortex were selected and their spatial contrast sensitivity of vision was examined by the Arden grating chart. At the same time their visual acuity, visual field, and visual evoked cortical potential (VECP) were also investigated. In all cases the(More)
PURPOSE Application of adequate correction of refractory errors for the treatment of asthenopia of young visual display terminal (VDT) workers was evaluated from subjective complaints and the effect on accommodation dynamics (step response) before and after 6 months. METHODS Young VDT workers who visited the clinic because of eye strain were consecutively(More)
A simple and noncontact method for recording upper eyelid movement by means of a solid state image sensor has been developed. Physiological parameters of blink and lid movements during gaze change were studied in 30 normal subjects. Maximum velocity against lid displacement was analyzed. Electromyography (EMG) of the levator palpebrae as well as orbicularis(More)
The fine structure of pathological changes was examined in the optic nerve and retina of beagle dogs after oral administration by capsule of the organophosphate pesticide ethylthiometon for 2 years. The optic nerve was invariably affected, and the number of myelinated axons markedly reduced. These were substituted for by delicate processes of astrocytes.(More)