Kazuo Kurihara

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It has long been suspected that the structure and function of a DNA duplex can be strongly dependent on its degree of hydration. By neutron diffraction experiments, we have succeeded in determining most of the hydrogen (H) and deuterium (D) atomic positions in the decameric d(CCATTAATGG)2 duplex. Moreover, the D positions in 27 D2O molecules have been(More)
The IBARAKI biological crystal diffractometer, iBIX, is a high-performance time-of-flight neutron single-crystal diffractometer for elucidating mainly the hydrogen, protonation and hydration structures of biological macromolecules in various life processes. Since the end of 2008, iBIX has been available to users' experiments supported by Ibaraki University.(More)
Transthyretin (TTR) is a tetrameric protein. TTR misfolding and aggregation are associated with human amyloid diseases. Dissociation of the TTR tetramer is believed to be the rate-limiting step in the amyloid fibril formation cascade. Low pH is known to promote dissociation into monomer and the formation of amyloid fibrils. In order to reveal the molecular(More)
The present paper examines the CRADA process between Federal R&D laboratories in New Mexico and private companies. A comparison is made of the CRADA process with similar technology transfer mechanisms in Japan. We surveyed 250 laboratory and private counterparts involved in Los Alamos National Laboratory CRADA agreements. Survey data are used to explain the(More)
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