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OBJECTIVES Volumetric CT using a cone beam has been developed by several manufacturers for dentomaxillofacial imaging. The purpose of this study was to measure doses for implant planning with cone beam volumetric imaging (CBVI) in comparison with conventional multidetector CT (MDCT). METHODS The two CBVI systems used were a 3D Accuitomo (J. Morita),(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to compare a new limited cone beam computed tomography (CT) machine for dental use (3DX) with the multidetector CT machine for image quality and skin doses. STUDY DESIGN Images of the right maxillary central incisor and the left mandibular first molar of an anthropomorphic phantom were taken by both the 3DX and the multidetector CT. A(More)
Computed tomography(CT) has been established as an important diagnostic tool in clinical medicine and has become a major source of medical exposure. A nationwide survey regarding CT examinations was carried out in Japan in 2000. CT units per million people in Japan numbered 87.8. The annual number of examinations was 0.1 million in those 0-14 years old,(More)
The authors evaluated the imaging performance of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) for dental use using 3DX multi-image micro-CT (Morita Co., Kyoto, Japan) and four-row multi-detector helical computed tomography (MDCT) using an Asteion (Toshiba, Tokyo, Japan). A dried right maxillary bone was cut into eight slices 2 mm thick toward the zygomatico-palate(More)
N-Vanillyl-acylamides (NVAs) naturally occur as capsaicinoids in Capsicum plants. NVAs with a longer chain acyl moiety (LCNVAs) have been developed as attractive tools for medicinal usage because of their capsaicin-like bioactive and physiological properties, without harmful irritancy. In this study, we isolated four LCNVAs from Capsicum oleoresin. Their(More)
The spread of Multi-detector-row computed tomography (MDCT) has been remarkable. Here, various organ and tissue doses were evaluated with six types of MDCT scanners in common use in Japan; using thermoluminescence dosimeters and anthropomorphic phantoms under condition of routine clinical examinations of the chest in adult and child, of the head in child(More)
The effects of extra virgin olive oil (EV-olive oil) on triglyceride metabolism were investigated by measuring the degree of thermogenesis in interscapular brown adipose tissue (IBAT) and the rates of noradrenaline and adrenaline secretions in rats, both in vivo and in situ. In Experiment 1 (in vivo), rats were given an isoenergetic high-fat diet (30% fat(More)
Computed tomography (CT) has evolved remarkably through device improvement and advancement of peripherals, including computers. In 1999, multi detector-row CT (MDCT) appeared and rapid high-speed scanning became possible. However, usefulness of MDCT in actual clinical application cannot be assessed until the exposure doses are assessed appropriately. Since(More)
Sarcoidosis is a systemic granulomatous disease of unknown etiology. Propionibacterium acnes is the only microorganism so far isolated from sarcoid lesions. To examine whether P. acnes isolates from sarcoid tissues differ from those obtained from non-sarcoid tissues, we studied cell invasiveness, serotype, and polymorphisms of the P. acnes trigger factor(More)