Kazuo Ishizuka

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The structure and dynamics of submicrometre magnetic domains are the main factors determining the physical properties of magnetic materials. Here, we report the first observation of skyrmion-like magnetic nanodomains in a ferromagnetic manganite, La0.5Ba0.5MnO3, using Lorentz transmission electron microscopy (LTEM). The skyrmion-like magnetic domains appear(More)
Microstructure characterization has become indispensable to the study of complex materials, such as strongly correlated oxides, and can obtain useful information about the origin of their physical properties. Although atomically resolved measurements have long been possible, an important goal in microstructure characterization is to achieve(More)
A quantification procedure for annular dark-field (ADF) imaging, in which a quantitative contrast is given as a scattering intensity normalized by an incident probe current, is presented. The obtained ADF images are converted to quantitative ADF images using an empirical equation, which is a function of an ADF imaging system setting. The quantification(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether measurements of brain structures on routine magnetic resonance (MR) images can be used to distinguish between normal subjects and patients with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) or Alzheimer's disease (AD). MATERIAL AND METHODS MRI studies were performed on 30 patients with dementia (FTD, n = 15; AD, n = 15) and 15 age-matched(More)
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