Kazunori Takashio

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In this paper, we first characterize distributed real-time systems by the following two properties that have to be supported: best eflorl and leas2 suffering. Then, we propose a distributed real-time object model DRO which complies these properties. Based on the DRO model, we design an object oriented programming language DROL: an extension of C++ with the(More)
This paper presents a new mobile agent framework, f Desktop, which is designed for describing follow-me applications in ubiquitous computing environment. It provides the migration mechanisms for agent sofrware which are secure against illegal call-up transaction requests from computers who masquerade as owner of the agent so f iare . Moreovet a follow-me(More)
This paper introduces a novel way to allow non-expert users to create smart surroundings. Non-smart everyday objects such as furniture and appliances found in homes and offices can be converted to smart ones by attaching computers, sensors, and devices. In this way, non-smart components that form non-smart objects are made smart in advance. For our first(More)
We developed Smart Furniture, which extemporaneously converts the legacy non-smart space into a Smart Hot-spot which consists of computational services. Since the Smart Furniture is equipped with networked computers, sensors and various I/O devices, it can provide various services by alone or by coordinating with other devices. In this paper, the physical(More)
As networked mobile devices and home electronics became popular, they began to have abilities to collaborate each other. In order to make them collaborate, the users first have to specify source and distance among the devices intuitively. Current researches on Real World Pointing do not cover specifying devices over a network. In this paper, we propose(More)
The effect of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (rhTNF-alpha) on anti-tumor activity of adriamycin entrapped in small unilamellar liposomes (ADM-Lip) has been studied using BALB/c mice bearing subdermal Meth-A fibrosarcoma. Accumulation of i.v. injected ADM-Lip, but not of free ADM, into tumor tissue was augmented by a single i.v. injection of(More)
This paper presents u-Photo which is an interactive digital still image including information of pervasive services associated with networked appliances and sensors in pervasive computing environment. U-Photo Tools can generate a u-Photo and provide methods for discovering contextual information about these pervasive services. Users can easily find out this(More)
Many researchers introduced special rooms equipped with sensors, devices, networks, and computers to demonstrate ubiquitous computing environment. However, the cost and time for building such a room is a barrier to the deployment of various ubiquitous applications. We have developed smart furniture which instantaneously converts the legacy non-smart space(More)