Kazunori Miyazawa

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There are many kinds of control networks which have been used in various nonIP network areas, such as BA (building automation), FA (factory automation) and PA (process automation). These do not incorporate reasonable security mechanisms as they have been mainly used for closed networks. Recently the security of control networks is becoming important because(More)
There are many kinds of control networks, which have been used in various non-IP network areas, such as BA (Building Automation), FA (Factory Automation) and PA (Process Automation). They are now introducing IP and face the issues of security and configuration complexity. The authors have proposed a model which intends to solve these issues while satisfying(More)
Due to the deployment of the Internet throughout the world, the IPv4 addresses, which are supporting the Internet, are predicted to run out around 2011. The industrial world has been preparing to the transition to IPv6. Recently, IP is being introduced to the fieldbus protocols, which is used in the industrial network. Due to its enormous amount of(More)
There are many kinds of control systems, which have been used in industry area, such as process automation (PA) and factory automation (FA). They have numerous sensors and actuators called field devices in their networks, and are introducing Internet protocol (IP) as network technology. Network security is necessary to make the most of IP's capability. The(More)
Process Automation Control System (PACS) requires high reliability because it processes hazerdous materials, which are often explosive and toxic. PACS has been mainly using 4-20mA analog communication overlaying on power supply because of its high reliablity. This analog communication needs one line to transmit to single value and it is uni-directional.(More)
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