Kazunori Iwasa

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We report herein the unusual case of a 60-year-old woman with an anaplastic thyroid carcinoma which produced granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). She presented with large neck masses, respiratory difficulty, and a high fever. Laboratory examinations revealed marked leukocytosis of 43,200/mm3 with 85% granulocytes and an elevated G-CSF level of 67(More)
BACKGROUND Tumors of the so-called intrathyroidal epithelial thymoma type are a rare group of thyroid neoplasm tumors. Of this type of tumor, spindle epithelial tumor with thymus like differentiation (SETTLE) has been reported only 17 times in English literature. METHODS An 18-year-old woman was initially seen with a 6-cm left thyroid mass that was(More)
A surgical case of leiomyosarcoma arising from the ascending colon, presenting as acute suppurative peritonitis, is herein described. A 70-year-old woman complaining of lower abdominal pain presented to our clinic on October 12, 1994. She was admitted with a tentative diagnosis of peritonitis. At emergency laparatomy, purulent intraabdominal fluid was(More)
The management of cervical lymph node metastases in well-differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid is controversial. In our department, from 1963 to 1972, node plucking was performed only in patients with cervical lymphadenopathy whereas, from 1973 to 1983, modified radical neck dissection was therapeutically or electively performed. In order to determine(More)
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