Kazunori Irie

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The cross-sectional areas of individual knee flexors and isokinetic flexion measurements were evaluated using computed tomography in 13 patients following semitendinosus and gracilis tendon harvest for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The atrophy of tendon-dissected muscles demonstrated variance with two peaks: >70% and <50%. In three patients(More)
Quadriceps muscle atrophy of rats was examined after resection of the central third (group 1) or the lateral two thirds (group 2) of the patellar tendon, the tensor fascia lata (group 3), or the medial hamstring (group 4). The quadriceps atrophied in groups 1 and 2, and more so in group 2, but there was no atrophy in groups 3 or 4. Thus, after an anterior(More)
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