Kazunori Ide

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Here we report on an effort to describe in detail the evolution of surface water particles in Monterey Bay from the time they first enter until the time they leave. The data used for this study are objective mappings from hourly surface currents obtained from high frequency (HF) radar measurements in Monterey Bay for the period 2 June through 4 August 1999.(More)
− A new controlled-clearance pressure balance has been developed to improve the hydraulic pressure standard for pressures up to 1 GPa. For several controlledclearance piston-cylinders, characterization experiments based on the Heydemann-Welch model were performed to estimate the effective area of them. The results for the piston-cylinders of different(More)
In spite of being extremely large value of oil tandelta (several ten % of tandelta for example) in some oil filled (OF) cable splice box etc, there has been no such an event as a thermal breakdown due to dielectric loss up to the present. Therefore we examined the tandelta characteristics of OF cable insulation impregnated by extremely bad tandelta oil in(More)
A new controlled-clearance (CC) pressure balance has been developed with the aim of improving hydraulic pressure standards up to pressures of 1 GPa. The pressure balance is equipped with a weight-loading unit that can load/unload selected weights automatically and a CC piston-cylinder that is designed for the jacket pressure to be applied independently. In(More)
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