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This report has two aims To give information about the issues behind corpus alignment and the techniques currently used. To describe a particular corpus which members of CCL were involved in constructing-the Asahi corpus. The subject of aligning parallel corpora is expanding rapidly, particularly because the bottom-up machine translation (MT) paradigms such(More)
We have developed a communication support system that estimates the situation of a person using schedule information and location information provided by a PHS (Personal Handy Phone System). From the lessons provided by our prior studies and inventions, we developed a new mobile communication tool for cellular phones that uses location information and(More)
This paper describes the development of a Kinect-sensor-based navigation component for JAUS (joint architecture for unmanned systems) compliant mobile robots. To achieve robust and stable navigation, the employment of a laser range finder and a Kinect sensor enables a robot to recognize three-dimensional environments. By utilizing an acquired(More)
Accurate and stable localization is one of most important function for autonomous mobile robot. To achieve, accurate and stable localization, we employ additional laser range finder to estimate accurate local position by fusing SLAM technique. In this paper, in order to confirm validity of our proposed localization algorithm, we implement as JAUS compliant(More)
In this paper, we describe the development of an automatic elevator navigation component for a JAUS- compliant mobile robot designed for the Tsukuba Challenge 2011's “getting the elevator” rule, in which the mobile robot automatically boards an elevator when the elevator door is opened. The use of both a laser range scanner and an(More)
T he spread of cellular phones, email, and mobile computers has freed us from the restrictions of time and place. A wide range of technologies, access methods, and communication devices are available today. People often have several phone numbers and email addresses, switching among them according to the situation. Although we enjoy these tools every day,(More)
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