Kazunari Suemori

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The effects of gastric distension and electrical stimulation of the dorsomedial medulla on neurons within the parabrachial nucleus (PB) were investigated electrophysiologically in urethane-chloralose anesthetized rats. Among 74 neurons tested, electrical stimulation of the nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS) excited 30 neurons (excitatory neurons) and(More)
We identified a novel metabolic system of morphine in the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.). In response to stress, morphine is quickly metabolized to bismorphine consisting of two morphine units, followed by accumulation in the cell wall. This bismorphine binds predominantly to pectins, which possess high galacturonic acid residue contents, through(More)
Together with bismorphine A (1), a new compound bismorphine B (2) was identified in the wounded capsules of Papaver somniferum. On the basis of analyses of the various spectral data, bismorphine B (2) was determined as a novel morphinan alkaloid, in which two morphine units are coupled through a biphenyl ether bond. When the physiological function of(More)
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