Kazunari Hashimoto

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Efficient load balancing is an important requirement for intelligent engineering of traffic over all-IP satellite networks. In this regard, the authors have recently proposed an explicit load balancing (ELB) scheme for next-generation LEO/MEO satellite systems. In ELB, a congesting satellite requests its neighboring satellites to forward a portion of data,(More)
This paper investigates the control performance of asynchronous and synchronous sensor systems in UAV applications. In addition, this paper is a first attempt to confirm theoretical results for performance of these systems, which we have shown, experimentally. The asynchronous and synchronous sensor system consists of two cameras, respectively, and a small(More)
A method for quantifying working processes on manufacturing floors was established that uses a wearable sensor device and an ontology-based stream data processing system. Using this method, the measurement of manufacturing process efficiency from sensor data extracted from such a device worn by workers on the job was confirmed at the Fuji Xerox factory.
In wireless mobile networks, ensuring quality of service (QoS) for real-time video applications is a challenge due to resource limitations. Nowadays, such a problem can be alleviated by exploiting the features of mobile computers equipped with multiple wireless interfaces, which can be used simultaneously for transmission/reception of data belonging to a(More)
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