Kazunari Fukunaga

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Composition and antifungal activity of essential oils isolated from Hypericum hyssopifolium and Hypericum heterophyllum. Formation of unidentified nitrogen in plants: an implication for a novel nitrogen metabolism. Asymetric transformation of enol acetates with esterases from Marchantia polymorpha. Asymetric reduction of enones with Synechococcus sp. PCC(More)
Viruses are considered key players in phytoplankton population control in oceans. However, mechanisms that control viral gene expression in prominent microalgae such as diatoms remain largely unknown. In this study, potential promoter regions isolated from several marine diatom-infecting viruses (DIVs) were linked to the egfp reporter gene and transformed(More)
Plants take up inorganic nitrogen and store it unchanged or convert it to organic forms. The nitrogen in such organic compounds is stoichiometrically recoverable by the Kjeldahl method. The sum of inorganic nitrogen and Kjeldahl nitrogen has long been known to equal the total nitrogen in plants. However, in our attempt to study the mechanism of nitrogen(More)
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