Kazunaga Ikeda

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This paper proposes a speech and audio coder which operates at 1 bit/sample, namely an 8 kbit/s coder for 8 kHz sampling or a 16 kbit/s coder for 16 kHz sampling. The basic structure is inherited from a TwinVQ (Transform domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization) high-quality audio coding scheme. Periodical component extraction scheme is newly added to(More)
This paper proposes a lossless scalable audio coding scheme and quality enhancement processing at the decoder to compensate for some missing scalable units of information. The bit rate scalability is achieved by combining high-compression coding, such as MPEG-4, and horizontal bit slicing of the PCM-coded error signal between the original waveform and the(More)
We present a flexible audio coding system for use in the continuous transmission of high-quality (192-kHz sampling rate, 24-bit digitization (max.)) stereo-audio data streams, either live or recorded. The system provides both lossless and variable-level lossy quality; quality is selectable to suit a full range of wideand narrow-band IP networks. As input(More)
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