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Infection of oropharyngeal or upper airway origin may extend to potential spaces formed by fascial planes of the cervical area. These space infections have been greatly reduced by modern antibiotic therapy. However, serious complications continue to occur. An 18-year-old man who presented with neck mass was admitted and treated. He underwent ultrasonically(More)
Currently used elution methods for strong cation exchange (SCX) chromatography are based on two principles: salt and pH gradient. In this paper, we report the first observation of peptide elution by acid gradient. The degree of peptide separation using C18-SCX StageTip was greatly improved by our acid and salt-based elution method compared with a salt-based(More)
Elastin hydrolysate has apparent beneficial effects, and the food-derived peptide prolyl-glycine (Pro-Gly) is present in human blood after oral ingestion. Following ingestion of elastin hydrolysate (10 g/60 kg body weight) by healthy human volunteers, peripheral blood was used to prepare plasma samples from which peptides were extracted by solid phase(More)
Transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) has a dual role in tumorigenesis, acting as either a tumor suppressor or as a pro-oncogenic factor in a context-dependent manner. Although TGF-β antagonists have been proposed as anti-metastatic therapies for patients with advanced stage cancer, how TGF-β mediates metastasis-promoting effects is poorly understood.(More)
ATP-binding proteins, including protein kinases, play essential roles in many biological and pathological processes and thus these proteins are attractive as drug targets. Acyl-ATP probes have been developed as efficient probes for kinase enrichment, and these probes have also been used to enrich other ATP-binding proteins. However, a robust method to(More)
Interactions between ATP and ATP-binding proteins (ATPome) are common and are required for most cellular processes. Thus, it is clearly important to identify and quantify these interactions for understanding basic cellular mechanisms and the pathogenesis of various diseases. We used an ATP competition assay (competition between ATP and acyl-ATP probes) that(More)
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