Kazumi Takeda

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1. Catecholamine secretion from cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells was decreased in a dose-dependent manner by the D2 dopamine agonists apomorphine and LY 17 1555. 2. 45Ca2+ uptake was similarly inhibited and whole-cell Ca2+ currents were reduced by apomorphine. 3. These inhibitory effects of D2 agonists depended on the secretagogue used, being much(More)
Evoked release of transmitter at the squid giant synapse was examined under conditions where the calcium ion concentration in the presynaptic terminal was manipulated by inhibitors of calcium sequestration. Simultaneous intracellular recordings of presynaptic and post-synaptic resting and action potentials were made during bath application of one of the(More)
The effects of omega-conotoxin (omega-CgTX) on voltage-sensitive Ca currents (ICa) were studied in cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells. A maximal block of ICa of 40-50% was obtained with omega-CgTX in the microM range, and was independent of the holding potential. The onset of block was both concentration- and time-dependent. In bovine chromaffin(More)
1. The effects of cholinergic agonists on voltage-dependent calcium current (ICa) were studied in cultured chromaffin cells from bovine adrenal medulla. 2. Application of both acetylcholine (ACh) and nicotine resulted in inward nicotinic current from a holding potential of -90 mV, and at the same time reversible decreases in depolarization-activated ICa.(More)
Vascular endothelial cells produce a variety of substances known to modulate the tone of surrounding smooth muscle, but the initial steps involved in receptor-response coupling are poorly characterized in these cells. Because the stimulated release of endothelium-derived relaxing factor depends on the presence of external calcium, ion channel-mediated(More)
To elucidate the possible involvement of GTP-binding proteins (G proteins) in the mechanism of exocytosis, we studied effects of pertussis toxin (PTX), guanosine 5'-O-(3-thiotriphosphate) (GTP-gamma-S), and antibodies against the G proteins (Gi and G(o)) on the secretory function of bovine adrenal chromaffin cells. Pretreatment of chromaffin cells with PTX(More)
In the hydrozoan coelenterate Obelia geniculata, epithelial cell action potentials trigger light emission from photocyte effector cells containing obelin, an endogenous calcium-activated photoprotein. As this luminescence is blocked by the removal of extracellular calcium it seemed likely that calcium entry via voltage-gated channels in the photocyte(More)
The properties of the hyperpolarization-activated sarcolemmal slow conductance increase in frog sartorius muscle fibers have been investigated using ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) and propionate Ringer solution. More than 1 sec was required for maximum activation of the sarcolemmal slwo conductance increase. It is suggested that,(More)