Kazumi Kubozono

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TMEM16E/GDD1 has been shown to be responsible for the bone-related late-onset disease gnathodiaphyseal dysplasia (GDD), with the dominant allele (TMEM16E(gdd) ) encoding a missense mutation at Cys356. Additionally, several recessive loss-of-function alleles of TMEM16E also cause late-onset limb girdle muscular dystrophy. In this study, we found that TMEM16E(More)
BACKGROUND Onlay bone grafting techniques have some problems related to the limited volume of autogenous grafted bone and need for surgery to remove bone fixing screws. Here, we report a case of horizontal alveolar ridge atrophy following resection of a maxillary bone cyst, in which autogenous onlay bone grafting with interconnected porous hydroxyapatite(More)
Bisphosphonates (BPs) are widely used in the prevention of skeletal-related events (SRE), including osteoporosis, skeletal metastases of malignant tumours, and multiple myeloma. Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is frequently reported as a major adverse effect induced by BP treatment. The receptor activator of the nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (RANKL)(More)
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