Kazumi Kubota

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Mb describe the design and implementation of a constraint management facility for our active object-oriented database system called Jasmine/A. The facility includes integrity constraints, events/triggers, and constraint rules. The facility enables the user to handle both interobject and intraobject constraints, to define both primitive and composite events,(More)
Nowadays, structured data such as sales and business forms are stored in data warehouses for decision makers to use. Further, unstructured data such as emails, html texts, images, videos, and oftIce documents are increasingly accumulated in personal computer storage due to spread of mailing, Www, and word processing. Such unstructured data, or what we call(More)
In this paper we present a tool called Event Analyzer that processes events that compose a sequence. We present the data model in which Event Analyzer is based, as well as its query language that allows the expression of complex patterns to be searched over the sequence of events. The Event Analyzer has been developed and it now integrates the Fujitsu(More)