Kazumasa Takechi

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Materials-ITO(Indium doped Tin Oxide) glass (2 x 2 cm, 2 slides for 1 cell)-Dye (Eosin Y, Eosin B, etc.)-Ethanol-TiO 2 paste ¾ Suspend 3.5g of TiO 2 nano-powder P25 in 15ml of ethanol. ¾ Sonicate it at least for 30 min. ¾ Add 0.5ml of titanium(IV) tetraisopropoxide into the suspension. ¾ Mix until the suspension is uniform.-Spacer ¾ Cut a plastic film (like(More)
Conformational transitions of cyclic D,L-hexapeptides have been studied by first-principles calculations. Geometry optimizations for 20 types of homoresidue cyclic D,L-hexapeptide revealed that the cyclic peptides have two types of energetically stable backbone (extended (E) and bound (B) types); and for each type, the amino acid side chains have two(More)
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