Kazumasa Goda

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Predicting students’ academic achievement with high accuracy has an important vital role in many academic disciplines. Most recent studies indicate the important role of the data type selection. They also attempt to understand individual students more deeply by analyzing questionnaire for a particular purpose. The present study uses free-style comments(More)
To grasp a student's lesson attitude and learning situation and to give a feed back to each student are educational foundations. Goda et al. proposed the PCN method to estimate a learning situation from a comment freely written by students[6, 7]. The PCN method categorizes comments into three items of P (previous), C(current) and N(next). They pointed out(More)
Continuously tracking students during a whole semester plays a vital role to enable a teacher to grasp their learning situation, attitude and motivation. It also helps to give correct assessment and useful feedback to them. To this end, we ask students to write their comments just after each lesson, because student comments re ect their learning attitude(More)
In this paper we propose a new approach based on text mining techniques for predicting student performance using LSA (latent semantic analysis) and K-means clustering methods. The present study uses free-style comments written by students after each lesson. Since the potentials of these comments can reflect student learning attitudes, understanding of(More)
Predicting students’ academic performance has long been an important research topic in many academic disciplines. The prediction will help the tutors identify the weak students and help them score better marks; these steps were taken to improve the performance of the students. The present study uses free style comments written by students after each lesson.(More)
Assessment of learning progress and learning gain play a pivotal role in education fields. New technologies like comment data mining promote the use of new types of contents; student comments highly reflect student learning attitudes and activities compared to more traditional methods and they can be a powerful source of data for all forms of assessment. A(More)
Examining student learning behavior is one of the crucial educational issues. In this paper, we propose a new method to predict student performance by using comment data mining. A teacher just asks students after every lesson to freely describe and write about their learning situations, attitudes, tendencies, and behaviors. The method employs Latent(More)