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At this time, the only definitive treatment of hepatic failure is liver transplantation. However, transplantation has been limited by the severely limited supply of human donor livers. Alternatively, a regenerative medicine approach has been recently proposed in rodents that describe the production of three-dimensional whole-organ scaffolds for assembly of(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to establish a prognostic indicator based on preoperative plasma fibrinogen and serum albumin levels (FA score) in esophageal cancer patients and to compare the correlation with survival to that of the Glasgow prognostic score. METHODS Patient characteristics, clinicopathological factors, and preoperative biochemical(More)
Intermittent monitoring of abnormal muscle response (iAMR) has been reported to be useful for improving the surgical outcome of microvascular decompression (MVD) for hemifacial spasm (HFS). However, iAMR has not elucidated the relationship between AMR change and the corresponding surgical procedure, or the pathogenesis of AMR and HFS. The purpose of this(More)
Although lumbar drainage (LD) is widely used in skull base surgery (SBS), no cases with intracranial hypotension (IH) following LD-assisted SBS have been reported, and skull base surgeons lack awareness of this potentially life-threatening condition. We report two cases of IH after LD-assisted SBS, a spheno-orbital meningioma and an osteosarcoma in the(More)
In order to study the diversity and community of genus Mycobacterium in polluted soils, we tried to isolate mycobacteria from 11 soil samples collected from an illegal dumping site and 3 landfills in Japan. Using culture methods with or without Acanthamoeba culbertsoni, a total of 19 isolates of mycobacteria were obtained from 5 soil samples and 3 of them(More)
Overexpression of human epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) has been detected in gastric cancer (GC) and is associated with poor outcomes. Combination treatment regimens with EGFR-targeting agents and cytotoxic agents are considered to be a potential therapeutic option for EGFR-overexpressing GC. Herein, we have investigated the effects of combination(More)
Side population (SP) cells are a small subpopulation of cells with enriched source of gastric tumor-initiating cells (TICs) with stem-like cell property that are characterized by high efflux ability of Hoechst 33342 dye, reflecting high expression of several subtypes of the ATP-binding cassette transporter family that is characteristic of stem cells. The(More)
BACKGROUND The correlation between postoperative systemic inflammation and cancer survival needs to be elucidated. This study evaluated postoperative inflammation using the peak concentration of postoperative serum C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and duration of CRP elevation, then investigated its correlation with prognosis. METHODS The study(More)
In this study, we tried to isolate legionellae from nine Legionella DNA-positive soil samples collected from four different sites contaminated with industrial wastes in Japan. Using culture methods with or without Acanthamoeba culbertsoni, a total of 22 isolates of legionellae were obtained from five of the nine samples. Identification of species and/or(More)
Normal stem cells (NSCs) are reported to exist in most tissues, including the brain, bone marrow, and probably the gastrointestinal tract. In the latter case, they are thought to possess both the self-renewal capacity and asymmetrical division capacity to generate progenitor cells which differentiate into epithelial cells. NSCs in the normal gastric mucosa(More)