Kazuma Yama

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A series of Escherichia coli strains with varied genomic sequences were subjected to high-density microarray analyses to elucidate the fitness-correlated transcriptomes. Fitness, which is commonly evaluated by the growth rate during the exponential phase, is not only determined by the genome but is also linked to growth conditions, e.g., temperature. We(More)
Distinctive survival strategies, specialized in regulation and in quality control, were observed in thermal adaptive evolution with a laboratory Escherichia coli strain. The two specialists carried a single mutation either within rpoH or upstream of groESL, which led to the activated global regulation by sigma factor 32 or an increased amount of GroEL/ES(More)
A novel way to compensate the distortion of Power Amplifier(PA) modules is presented in this paper. A diode linearizer with an inductor is used to compensate the distortion of the PA using LDMOS FET and has a characteristic of a positive phase and a gain expansion. Two diode-based linearizers are employed to compensate the distortions. One linearizer(More)
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