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PURPOSE To assess the quality of life (QOL) of oral cancer patients treated with low-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy (LDR-BT) alone. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between June 2005 and July 2006, a total of 56 patients with oral cancer were enrolled in this prospective study. QOL was assessed by means of the core questionnaire and head and neck questionnaire(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate physiological fluorine 18-labeled fluourodeoxyglucose accumulation in the gallbladder (GB) during clinical positron emission tomography (PET) examinations. Three patient groups were included. In Group 1, nine patients with higher fluourodeoxyglucose (FDG) accumulation in the GB than in the liver were examined,(More)
PURPOSE The authors analyzed the correlation between radiotherapy doses at reference points on the uterine edge and the rectal wall and both pelvic control and late rectal complications of cervical cancer therapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between 1997 and 2005, 57 patients with Stages IB-IVA cancer of uterine cervix were treated with a combination of(More)
Following recent improvements in the curability of oral cancer, chronological shifts and changes in the causes of death after treatment have been observed. We conducted a review of the post-treatment causes of death following radiotherapy for oral cancers. The medical records of 966 patients with early-stage (stage I and II) oral cancer treated at our(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcome and complications of low-dose-rate brachytherapy (LDR-BT) for oral cancer according to comorbidity. METHODS The records of a total of 180 patients who received LDR-BT for T1-2N0M0 oral cancers between January 2005 and December 2007 were analysed. The comorbidities of the patients were(More)
We investigated whether headache and family history of headache are risk factors for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or not. Twenty-three CRPS patients and 69 healthy persons were interviewed whether or not they suffered from headache and had first-degree family history of headache. A headache sufferer was defined as a person who regularly suffered(More)
We present a fibromyalgia patient with traumatic cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak. A woman was referred because of widespread pain, general fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and deterioration of memory after a traffic accident. These signs and symptoms in a sitting or standing position were more deteriorated than in a recumbent position. Although she was(More)
The radiation oncology seminar for medical students and residents was initiated by the Japanese Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (JASTRO) with the aim of increasing the numbers of radiation oncologists. We investigated the long-term results related to the career paths of the program participants. This study enrolled 531 individuals who were(More)
PURPOSE To establish the protective efficacy against late complications of electron therapy using customized lead eye shields in cases with orbital and periorbital lesions. METHODS Between 1982 and 2006, 16 patients with 22 orbital and periorbital lesions were treated by electron therapy. Customized lead eye shields were prepared and placed in the(More)
PURPOSE To analyze data from patients receiving repeat brachytherapy (re-BT) for the treatment of residual or recurrent tumor in the oral cavity. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between January 2003 and December 2007, 62 patients who had undergone definitive BT as an initial treatment of oral cancer subsequently underwent re-BT for the treatment of residual or(More)