Kazuma Katahira

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Pb-LIII edge XANES spectra of atmospheric particles are directly obtained by fluorescent XAFS spectroscopy using a 19-element solid state detector (SSD). Particulate sample was collected on a quartz fiber filter using a high-volume air sampler, and the filter was cut into small pieces (25x25 mm). Then, surface layer of the filter piece was scaled and(More)
Lead isotopic analyses of road runoff and airborne particulate matter have been carried out to elucidate sources of lead pollution at urban and suburban sites. While lead is often observed in road runoff in suspended form, suspended particle size had no relation to the lead isotopic distribution, as a result of comparison between runoff samples with total(More)
BACKGROUND Plaintiffs of the gefitinib (Iressa) lawsuits in Japan started in 2004 were defeated in the Supreme Court in 2013. The Court judged it was not possible to foresee the outbreak of deaths caused by interstitial pneumonia due to gefitinib from death cases before approval of this drug. OBJECTIVE We attempted to verify validity of this judgment. (More)
The carangid genus Decapterus can be defined by having a single finlet behind both the second dorsal and anal fins, and lacking scutes on the anterior curved part of the lateral line. We revised taxonomically the species of Decapterus with red-colored caudal fins (the red-fin Decapterus group) and established that the group consisted of the following four(More)
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