Kazuko Shinohara

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The current project is a case study–and an extension–of the traditional investigation into sound symbolism (Hinton et al., 1994). Several studies have shown that certain sounds evoke images of particular shapes; for example, oral stop consonants are often associated with angular shapes, whereas sonorants (nasals, liquids, and glides) are associated with(More)
Surgery Recording System for laparoscopic surgery was proposed and developed. Position / force of forceps, laparoscopic vision and ambient sound are recorded into digital storage. Two in-vivo pig experiments of specific accidental cases were performed by a skillful expert in laparoscopy. Then, the analysis of quantitative experimental results along the time(More)
Despite Saussure's famous observation that sound-meaning relationships are in principle arbitrary, we now have a substantial body of evidence that sounds themselves can have meanings, patterns often referred to as "sound symbolism". Previous studies have found that particular sounds can be associated with particular meanings, and also with particular static(More)
The present study investigates a type of metaphor involving socio-cultural values in their mapping and interpretation. The linguistic data are Japanese metaphorical expressions that conceptualize women as plants or animals. First, the typology of metaphor based on previous research is discussed, focusing on conceptual, correlation, and resemblance(More)
Cyclical oligogyny is considered to be the mechanism that is most likely to be responsible for stabilizing cooperation in polygynous, epiponine wasps, in which single-queen colonies produce new queens and multiple-queen colonies produce males. In contrast with the number of studies on relatedness among adult females, we know little about relatedness among(More)
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