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The relationship between the growth speed and wood properties of Pinus merkusii was investigated using 34-year-old trees planted in Indonesia in an attempt to promote the establishment of plantation of this species. The trees in the test plot were categorized as fast, middle, or slow growing according to the mean stem diameter and standard deviation in the(More)
Growth characteristics [stem diameter (D), tree height (H), and bole volume (V)], stress-wave velocity (SWV), and Pilodyn penetration (P) were measured for 21 seed provenances of 24-year-old teak trees planted in Indonesia to characterize variation in tree growth characteristics, SWV, and P among seed provenances. Broad-sense heritability and correlations(More)
The xylem-maturation process and the effects of radial growth rate on anatomical characteristics (vessel and fibre morphologies) and wood properties (basic density and compressive strength parallel to grain) were studied for 4-year-old Azadirachta excelsa planted in Indonesia. Mean values were 121 µm, 8.1 vessels/mm2, 16 µm, 1.4 µm, 0.33 mm, 0.98 mm, 0.40(More)
Tree improvement programs for teak (Tectona grandis) have mainly focused on breeding of trees with superior growth characteristics. However, improvement in wood quality should be included in breeding programs for high yield and high quality timber. In the present study, growth characteristics [stem diameter (D), tree height (H), and bole volume (V)],(More)
Todomatsu (Abies sachalinensis) is a commercial plantation species on Hokkaido Island, Japan. In the present study, to improve the decay resistance of todomatsu wood, seven families of 22-year-old todomatsu trees were investigated for family diversities in decay resistance of heartwoods against Fomitopsis palustris and Trametes versicolor and(More)
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