Kazuko Koshiba-Takeuchi

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Dorsal and ventral aspects of the eye are distinct from the early stages of development. The developing eye cup grows dorsally, and the choroidal fissure is formed on its ventral side. Retinal axons from the dorsal and ventral retina project to the ventral and dorsal tectum, respectively. Misexpression of the Tbx5 gene induced dorsalization of the ventral(More)
Much progress has been made in understanding limb development. Most genes are expressed equally and in the same pattern in the fore- and hindlimbs, which nevertheless develop into distinct structures. The T-box genes Tbx5 and Tbx4, on the other hand, are expressed differently in chick wing (Tbx5) and leg (Tbx4) buds. Molecular analysis of the optomotor(More)
The emergence of terrestrial life witnessed the need for more sophisticated circulatory systems. This has evolved in birds, mammals and crocodilians into complete septation of the heart into left and right sides, allowing separate pulmonary and systemic circulatory systems, a key requirement for the evolution of endothermy. However, the evolution of the(More)
Mammalian heart development requires precise allocation of cardiac progenitors. The existence of a multipotent progenitor for all anatomic and cellular components of the heart has been predicted but its identity and contribution to the two cardiac progenitor 'fields' has remained undefined. Here we show, using clonal genetic fate mapping, that Mesp1+ cells(More)
The evolution of phenotypic traits is a key process in diversification of life. However, the mechanisms underlying the emergence of such evolutionary novelties are largely unknown. Here we address the origin of bulbus arteriosus (BA), an organ of evolutionary novelty seen in the teleost heart outflow tract (OFT), which sophisticates their circulatory(More)
The images for Figures 1 and 2 are incorrectly switched. The image that appears as Figure 1 should be Figure 2, and the image that appears as Figure 2 should be Figure 1. The figure legends appear in the correct order. In the section entitled " Validation of RNA-Seq " , S2 Fig should be referenced instead of S1 Fig. Additionally, the files linked to S1 Fig(More)
Comprehensive analysis of alterations in gene expression along with neoplastic transformation in human cells provides valuable information about the molecular mechanisms underlying transformation. To further address these questions, we performed whole transcriptome analysis to the human mesenchymal stem cell line, UE6E7T-3, which was immortalized with hTERT(More)
maintained through a tuned balance between proliferation and cell death. This equilibrium is genetically controlled but little is known about the molecules involved in this process. We have found evidences that oct4 controls the proliferative balance within the AER cells. Overexpression of otc4 in the limb ectoderm disrupts the ratio cell(More)
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