Kazuko Kimura

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Recent years, inflammation and oxidative stress have been addressed in relation to interactions between fatty acid (FA) and depression. To study the associations between FAs and depressive symptoms in men, serum FA proportion was compared with perceived depression. We also measured α-tocopherol (a-Toc) levels to investigate the(More)
INTRODUCTION As members of the Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) team in Banda Aceh, three of the authors treated 1,891 patients following the tsunami of 2004. Of the 367 cases with traumatic injuries, 216 cases required antimicrobial therapy. The medical services were continued by the Japan Self-Defense (JSD) Medical Team until mid-March 2005. Of the 216 cases(More)
The use of substandard and degraded medicines is a major public health problem in developing countries such as Cambodia. A collaborative study was conducted to evaluate the quality of amoxicillin–clavulanic acid preparations under tropical conditions in a developing country. Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid tablets were obtained from outlets in Cambodia.(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of counterfeit anthelminthic medicines in Cambodia, and to determine influential factors. METHODS Commonly used anthelminthic medicines were collected from private drug outlets. Medicines were carefully observed including their registration labelling, and their authenticity was investigated with the manufacturers and(More)
Purpose. We investigated the effect of meropenem (MEPM) on the disposition kinetics of valproate (VPA) and its metabolites in rabbits. Methods. Rabbits were given 75 mg/kg VPA intravenously with or without 300 mg/kg MEPM. Results. The plamsa total clearance of VPA was significantly increased to about 1.5 times the control (6.09 mL/min/kg vs. 4.28 mL/min/kg)(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the circulation of anti-obesity medicines via the internet and their quality. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Internet pharmacies and pharmaceutical suppliers accessible from Japan. PARTICIPANTS Anti-obesity medicines were purchased using relevant keywords on Japanese Google search engine. Blogs and advertisement-only sites(More)
Access to good-quality medicines in many countries is largely hindered by the rampant circulation of spurious/falsely labeled/falsified/counterfeit (SFFC) and substandard medicines. In 2006, the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, in collaboration with Kanazawa University, Japan, initiated a project to combat SFFC medicines. To assess the quality of medicines(More)
The use of counterfeit medicines present a world-wide public health crisis (1). Although few reports are available on the global consequences of counterfeit medicines, the consequences of the issue are enormous, and people could be at considerable risk if they use counterfeit medicines (2,3). The epidemiology data is often limited. Data compilation and(More)
A simple liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS) method for the determination of nicotine and cotinine in human hair was established. In the procedure, a hair sample (10 mg) was washed with dichloromethane and digested in 2.5 M sodium hydroxide. The digest was extracted with dichloromethane and then 25 mM hydrochloric(More)
BACKGROUND Recent investigations by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia suggest that counterfeit medicines have been introduced into the pharmaceutical market in tampered packaging. To further explore this possibility, an interview survey was conducted at the wholesaler level to investigate the medicinal supply chain in Cambodia. METHODS Managing(More)