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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Glucose is a common component of anesthetic solutions used for spinal anesthesia. However, its possible contribution to recent injuries occurring with spinal anesthesia has not been adequately addressed. Accordingly, the present studies compare the functional and morphologic effects of intrathecally administered glucose with those(More)
The spleen is an important organ for tumor immunity, and the splenic sympathetic nerve has a suppressive effect on splenic natural killer (NK) cytotoxicity. On the basis of this and reports that Lentinus edodes (Shiitake mushroom) has tumor-inhibitory effects, the authors hypothesized that an extract of a mycelial culture of L. edodes grown in a solid(More)
A case of a 7-month-old boy with oropharyngeal heterotropic brain tissue is presented. The lesion, which protruded from the right side of the oropharynx, occupied the oropharyngeal space and pressed the tongue forward and downward. A cranial computed tomograph showed that the mass had some radiolucent areas. Surgical treatment was performed to remove the(More)
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