Kazuki Takizawa

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Despite the great diversity in digit morphology reflecting the adaptation of tetrapods to their lifestyle, the number of digits in extant tetrapod species is conservatively stabilized at five or less, which is known as the pentadactyl constraint. We found that an anuran amphibian species, Xenopus tropicalis (western clawed frog), has a clawed protrusion(More)
LXeGRIT is a balloon-borne Compton telescope based on a liquid xenon time projection chamber (LXeTPC) for imaging cosmic γ–rays in the energy band of 0.2-20 MeV. The detector, with 400 cm 2 area and 7 cm drift gap, is filled with high purity LXe. Both ionization and scintillation light signals are detected to measure the energy deposits and the three(More)
We are developing a passive power assist supporter called Smart Suit Lite. Smart Suit Lite is a compact and lightweight power assist device that utilizes the elastic force of elastic belts. To design the Smart Suit Lite, we developed a motion-based assist method and an extended musculoskeletal model. The motion-based assist method was used to design the(More)
LXeGRIT is a balloon-borne Compton telescope employing a large volume liquid xenon time projection chamber (LXe-TPC) as the central γ–ray detector. It is designed to image γ–rays in the energy range of ∼ 200 keV to 20 MeV, with an angular resolution of about 3 degrees (1 sigma) at 2 MeV, within a field-of-view (FOV) of about 1 sr. The detector's energy and(More)
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