Kazuki Takemoto

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This paper describes a platform package, called “MR Platform,” which we have been implementing for research and development of augmented reality technology and applications. This package includes a parallax-less stereo video see-through HMD and a software development kit (SDK) for a Linux PC environment. The SDK is composed of a C++ class library for making(More)
Crosslinking BCR in the immature B cell line WEHI-231 causes apoptosis. We found that Bcl-xL was degraded by polyubiquitination upon BCR crosslinking and in this study explored the mechanism that controls the degradation of Bcl-xL. Ser(62) of Bcl-xL was phosphorylated by JNK to trigger polyubiquitination, and this was opposed by serine/threonine protein(More)
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