Kazuki Sano

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Ultrasound is used as degradation of hazardous organic compounds. In this study, indirect ultrasonic irradiation method was applied to the degradation process of phenol, the model hazardous organic compound, and the effects of irradiation distance on radical generation and ultrasonic power were investigated. The chemical effect estimated by KI oxidation(More)
Microbubbles have some different characteristics from conventional bubbles. To apply the useful properties for gas-liquid contact operation in industry, however, a separate technology of microbubbles has to be realized. In this study, promotion of microbubble separation using ultrasound was proposed. By irradiating with ultrasound, milky white microbubbles(More)
A coloring of a graph G is an assignment of colors to the vertices of G in such a way that every pair of adjacent vertices receive different colors. If G admits a coloring using r colors, G is said to be r-colorable, Graph coloring has a number of applications. In many of them, we encounter a situation in which several vertices of G are already colored. We(More)
It is difficult to control the bubble in a liquid by the external operation, because the behavior of the bubble is controlled in buoyancy and flow of liquid. On the other hand, microbubbles, whose diameter is several decades μm, stably disperse in static liquid because of their small buoyancy and electrical repulsion. When an ultrasound, whose frequency was(More)
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