Kazuki Maruta

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The circular muscle strips were isolated from rat uterus 10-60 h after parturition, and the electrical and mechanical responses were investigated. The muscle strips exhibited a variety of contractile activity ranging from frequent spontaneous contractions generated on an elevated muscle tone to a sustained contracture, when incubated with Mg-free Krebs(More)
The contractile response of the myometrial longitudinal muscle of pregnant and estrogen-treated rats to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) was investigated. ATP (10(-5)-4 X 10(-3) M) added to Krebs solution caused a generation of spontaneous activity consisting of phasic contractions and an elevation of muscle tone in a dose-dependent manner. Effects of the "test(More)
Drastic improvements in transmission rate and system capacity are required towards 5th generation mobile communications (5G). One promising approach, utilizing the millimeter wave band for its rich spectrum resources, suffers area coverage shortfalls due to its large propagation loss. Fortunately, massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) can offset(More)