Kazuki Maruta

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Drastic improvements in transmission rate and system capacity are required towards 5th generation mobile communications (5G). One promising approach, utilizing the millimeter wave band for its rich spectrum resources, suffers area coverage shortfalls due to its large propagation loss. Fortunately, massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) can offset(More)
The network between the baseband units (BBUs) and the remote radio heads (RRHs) in a centralized radio access network (C-RAN) architecture is called the mobile fronthaul (MFH). A passive optical network (PON) is expected to reduce the deployment cost of MFH by sharing the optical fibers. Using system-level simulation results as a basis, we report that MFH(More)
This paper proposes a practical application of Massive MIMO technology, Massive Antenna Systems for Wireless Entrance (MAS-WE), and its related inter-user interference (IUI) cancellation and scheduling techniques. MAS-WE, on which the entrance base station (EBS) employs a large number of antennas, can effectively provide high capacity wireless entrance(More)