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In this article, we propose a transfer learning method using the multi-prediction deep Boltzmann machine (MPDBM). In recent years, deep learning has been widely used in many applications such as image classification and object detection. However, it is hard to apply a deep learning method to medical images because the deep learning method needs a large(More)
For measuring the 3D shape of large objects, scanning by a moving range sensor is one of the most efficient method. However, if we use moving range sensors, the obtained data have some distortions due to the movement of the sensor during the scanning process. In this paper, we propose a method for recovering correct 3D range data from a moving range sensor(More)
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in academic medical centers often have additional complexity to them due to structural and organizational differences. Often the hospital operates independent of the medical school such as the physicians often work for the medical school, while the nurses and other ancillary departments work for the hospital. Such(More)
To analyze diffuse lung diseases based on chest region computed tomography (CT) imaging by using a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system, it is necessary to first determine the lung regions subject to analysis. The lung regions can be selected relatively easily for healthy individuals, by applying a threshold. Selecting an area by using a threshold-based(More)
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