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It has been theorised that sperm competition promotes the strategic usage of costly sperm. Although sperm competition is thought to be an important driving force of reproductive traits in simultaneous hermaphrodites as well as in species with separate sexes, empirical studies on strategic ejaculation in simultaneous hermaphrodites are scarce. In the present(More)
There is ample evidence that body size is tightly linked with quality and fecundity of individuals in simultaneously hermaphroditic species. Especially in simultaneous hermaphrodites with reciprocal intromission, it has been thought that assortative mating with respect to body size occurs. Contrary to this expectation, studies on size-assortative mating in(More)
In this study, we propose a localization method based on the fusion of the laser range sensor (LRS) measurements and the odometry information of a vehicle using moving horizon estimation (MHE). LRS measurement includes outliers and suffers from the intermittent observation; alleviation of their effect is required in order to localize a vehicle position with(More)
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