Kazuki Iwamura

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We discuss sparse support vector machines (sparse SVMs) trained in the reduced empirical feature space. Namely, we select the linearly independent training data by the Cholesky factorization of the kernel matrix, and train the SVM in the dual form in the reduced empirical feature space. Since the mapped linearly independent training data span the empirical(More)
This paper deals with a real-time scheduling system of holonic manufacturing systems (HMSs), which were proposed by an international cooperative research consortium called The HMS Consortium for Autonomous Distributed Management and Control of the Manufacturing Systems. The scheduling system generates real-time suitable production schedules, based on(More)
Network reliability models for determining optimal network topology have been presented and solved by many researchers. This paper presents some new types of topological optimization model for communication network with multiple reliability goals. A stochastic simulation-based ~enetic algorithm is also designed for solving the proposed models. Some(More)
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