Kazuki Inoue

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An animal genome database for network users was developed. Linkage map, cytogenetic map, reference, PCR primer information and homology between species were included in the database. These data can be used by electric mail system and World Wide Web client. The body of information about mammalian genomes has been progressively increasing these days. To(More)
The most widely used open-source field-programmable gate array (FPGA) placement and routing tool is VPR, which can define the target FPGA, perform placement and routing, and report area and timing information. However, it cannot be used in FPGA IP design efficiently for two reasons. First, for most newly developed FPGA architectures, VPR cannot support them(More)
Recently, it has been progressively recognized that gene expression is regulated by histone methylation status, which is dynamically modulated by histone methyltransferases (HMTs) and histone demethylases (HDMs). In the past decade, many HMTs and HDMs were identified and their biological and biochemical functions have been characterized. As with other(More)