Kazuho Suzuki

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The chemotaxis of Vibrio cholerae, the causative agent of cholera, has been implicated in pathogenicity. The bacterium has more than 40 genes for methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (MCP)-like proteins (MLPs). In this study, we found that glycine and at least 18 L-amino acids, including serine, arginine, asparagine, and proline, serve as attractants to the(More)
The cellular response to genotoxic stress is multifaceted in nature. Following DNA damage, the tumor suppressor gene p53 activates and plays critical roles in cell cycle arrest, activation of DNA repair and in the event of irreparable damage, induction of apoptosis. The breakdown of apoptosis causes the accumulation of mutant cells. The elucidation of the(More)
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